Programme Overview

Participants form the executive boards of companies competing in a global marketplace.

The game follows an iterative process that takes them through a number of business trading periods.

Trading periods are interspersed with teaching inputs which are subsequently incorporated into the game and practised.

Typical programme content:

Simulation Trading Period 1

  • Getting to Know the Business

  • Building the Business under guidance from the “interim CEO”

  • Introduction of Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet

Simulation Trading Period 2

  • Participants take control of their businesses

  • The “Companies” in the room undertake Strategic Planning and commence Operations in competition

  • Completion of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet and an analysis of performances using SWOT

  • Results are recorded and Companies debriefed on performances in Plenary

Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasting Introduction

  • Teaching input

Simulation Trading Period 3

  • Companies undertake their own Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasting – budgeted numbers are recorded

  • Operations

  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet

  • SWOT

  • Results recorded and Companies debriefed in Plenary

  • Budgeted numbers compared with actuals and in depth analysis of reasons for divergences

Cashflow Statements

  • Interactive teaching input examining the historical data of each Company in Trading Period 3 and the resulting impact on Working Capital and the generation or consumption of Operational and Non-operational cash

Simulation Trading Period 4

  • Planning / Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasting

  • Operations

  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet

  • SWOT

  • Results recorded and Companies debriefed in Plenary

Breakeven Analysis

  • Teaching input

  • Impact determined of Pricing, Volume (output), Fixed Costs, Variable Costs


  • Business Metrics. Their meaning and how to calculate them

  • Typical metrics may include Working Capital, EBITDA margin, Return on Investment

Simulation Trading Period 5

As Trading Period 4 plus further review of KPIs

Share Pricing Exercise

  • Determination of the “most successful company”

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